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What is a SyncMo license Key?

Answer: Your license key enables you to use the SyncMo software 🔑

Where to find your license key

After you make a purchase of either a 7 day trial, or the full version of SyncMo, you will receive an order completion email containing your SyncMo license key.

This email is separate to the payment receipt that you will receive from our payment provider, CCBill. Please look out for an email with the subject line “Your SyncMo order is now complete”. Inside this email you will find the license information, along with the order/license PDF for your records 📃

What your order complete email looks like
If you do not receive this email, or have trouble finding it, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist.

What do I do after I have it?

After installation of the software, you will be required to enter your valid and unique license key in order to enable the extended functionality, such as video analysis, toy control, and all of the other SyncMo features. 

Please download the software, and follow the quick start guide to get started 🧚🏁