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In v1.2.2

This is a patch update which contains browser and service security updates, as well as small UI fixes and tweaks. 👨‍💻

Features Added or Updated

  • General bowser security and functionality updates 🔧
  • The software is now signed and trusted on Windows ✅
  • Fixed regression which caused Cruise to sometimes be interpreted as Stop when in AI auto sensitivity mode
  • AI configuration for low sensitivity mode when watching live streams and cam sites has been adjusted to be less reactive and for SyncMo to more quickly forget  certain types of actions (allowing it to reset to a different state of arousal more quickly)
  • Type of each toy is now displayed next to all adult toys in the device menu
  • Various UI scaling improvements for larger screens
  • Adult toy settings menu is now allowed to expand larger to reduce the need for scrollbars when using multiple sex toys at the same time

Windows: Update on AV false positives

We noticed that many of you been having issues with false anti-virus alerts on Windows. We are pleased to announce that the company has just completed an extended verification process to sign our Windows releases with a high security certificate. As of this release, it should help ease issues with anti-virus software interfering with SyncMo. This also brings our Windows releases in-line with macOS which was always signed and verified.

These issues should now drastically decrease and it will be much easier now to work with the anti-virus vendors to permanently correct the false detections. Thank you for your patience.

And that’s it for this release! We have new features coming in some of the next releases, so as always keep an eye out for your in-app update alerts.

In v1.2.1

All users on version 1.2.0 are strongly encouraged to update to this version, as there were tracking and performance issues for lower-powered machines in the previous release 💔

This version also brings a new AI-controlled “Auto” sensitivity mode, to allow new users to get up and running much faster without having to worry about settings. The new auto sensitivity mode is totally dynamic, meaning even for existing users it offers a better experience more tailored to what is currently happening in the content at any given time 🤖

Features Added or Updated

  • General accuracy improvements 🚀
  • Added new “Auto” sensitivity mode which allows the AI to decide the appropriate sensitivity settings dynamically based on the content. This is now the default sensitivity mode.
  • Fixed issues with tracking performance and inference (up to 300x reduction in memory usage, and 3x reduction in CPU usage)
  • Fixed the Windows installer to always install to C drive for compatibility reasons, and to only install user-specific shortcuts. Any existing system-wide shortcuts will be migrated to the user directory for privacy. This matches the behaviour on our macOS releases.

macOS: Phasing out support for Monterey (12.0)

Unfortunately, this release will be the last release of SyncMo that will support macOS Monterey (12.0). Anyone on this version of macOS will need to upgrade to at least macOS Ventura (13.0+) to continue receiving updates for SyncMo. This is unfortunate but it is being forced by Apple, as they have made it incompatible in their latest changes. We apologise for this.

We advise anyone who is stuck on macOS Monterey to stay on this version of SyncMo until they have a machine which can run newer versions of Apple’s operating system.

In v1.2.0

It’s finally here! 😊🎉

This is a point release marking the beginning of a new series (the 1.2 series). This is a big release containing lots of new intelligence and development behind the scenes. There is a separate article that summarises the changes in this version and what users can expect.

New Toys Supported

We now support 2 new toys:

  • KIIROO: PowerBlow
  • Fleshlight: Launch

In v1.1.6

Features Added or Updated

  • Fixed issues in delay reduction in local player which sometimes caused tracking to lose sync with the playlist
  • Fixed some player UI scaling issues for larger screens
  • Added new overlay on the player during fullscreen analysis to avoid hall-of-mirrors effect when SyncMo tries to analyse itself
  • Added some clarifications to the browser UI that SyncMo is not an extension although some functionality is implemented as non-removable internal extension
  • Various improvements to the software update flow

In v1.1.5

Features Added or Updated

  • Local Application Analysis. SyncMo now supports analysing any local application window (or your entire screen). To try this, go to the Local Video Player, and choose “Sync To Window” or “Sync To Screen”. This means you can now have SyncMo track anything, including video calls and games.
  • By default videos shorter than 60 seconds now require manual interaction to activate AI analysis. This can be controlled in the advanced settings screen. Most adverts should now no longer activate analysis.
  • Device delay significantly reduced in the Local Player, and a new delay reduction setting is now available in advanced settings to allow users to influence how early commands should be sent to connected toys. This will also be supported for online recorded (i.e. non-live) videos in the next few releases.
  • General improvements for the Local Player UI in order to support new features we will be releasing
  • Fixed issue with Oculus casting which was causing it to fail sometimes
  • Various bug fixes and improvements 
  • Various changes behind the scenes in preparation for the next big tracking developments we want to release to users soon

New Toys Supported

We now support 4 new toys:

  • LOVENSE: Gravity, Vulse, Solace
  • Satisfyer: Pro 2 Generation 3

See our supported toys page for more information.

In v1.1.4

Features Added or Updated

  • Browser security and functionality updates 
  • Device configuration improvements
  • Various bug fixes and improvements 
  • Added support for Oculus casting (by navigating to oculus.com/casting within SyncMo)
  • Improved device management, including background connection and status monitoring
  • New first-run wizard for easy on-boarding and setup of license
  • Fixed bug which caused adverts and content to sometimes be blurred / censored (demo mode)
  • New “What’s New” home screen module displayed after updates
  • Added the ability to switch active video when multiple videos are playing through interaction with the video control
  • Added the ability to blur the active video for users that do not wish to see the content or live feed controlling their adult toys

New Toys Supported

We now support 17 new toys:

  • SVAKOM: Phoenix Neo, Hannes Neo, Vick Neo
  • We-Vibe: Ditto, Verge
  • LOVENSE: Gemini
  • Satisfyer: Bullseye, Deep Diver, Double Flex, Dual Pleasure, Love Triangle, Mono Flex, Rotator Plug, Sunray, SweetSeal, Twirling Pro, Power Masturbator

See our supported toys page for more information.

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