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Hi everyone. We are very excited to announce the release of SyncMo 1.2.0! This release contains the last few months of developments and advancements in our AI and tracking engine which powers SyncMo. 

This version is an important milestone for us because of the big changes underneath that have gone into it, and the benefits will begin to show as we make quick advancements over the next few months.

As this is a point release (the beginning of the 1.2 series), you can expect big improvements in some areas, and possibly some weird and wacky behaviour elsewhere. Because of this we expect that you will need to play with your settings, and we will be releasing adjustments over the coming weeks to help settle things.

If any of you do not like the new behaviour, there is a switch in Advanced Settings which allows you to tell SyncMo to simulate the previous tracking behaviour.

You will now find that the AI is very accurate on some videos (if set to the right sensitivity level), and there is much more to come in the following releases. The sensitivity level now has a much deeper impact on how SyncMo thinks and perceives things as sexual, and how exciting the action needs to be before SyncMo decides to stimulate you.

What should I expect in terms of behaviour?

Overall, SyncMo should perform better on long-form adult content, and also on cams and video calls, with large improvements in accuracy and responsiveness. There are still some areas we are working on tuning, so SyncMo may get things wrong sometimes, but overall there has been a big leap in performance. 

You will need to re-acquaint yourselves with the Action Sensitivity settings. Please check your settings if SyncMo is not behaving as you would like.

UsageRecommended Sensitivity
Live CamsHigh or Medium 
GamesLow or High
Webcam or Video CallsHigh
Long Adult MoviesLow or Medium
Short Adult MoviesMedium
Very Slow Adult Content, Teasing, JOIHigh
Detailed Oral SexHigh
Adult CompilationsHigh
Personal VideosHigh – If focused on teasing or action, and things like masturbation.
Low – If POV or unsteady camera.
Virtual RealityLow
Dancing / Music VideosHigh
HentaiMedium or High (There are some regressions here that we are working on)
SportsMedium or High
Reels / Short Clips / Fan ContentHigh

As always please find a setting that works best for you. If you would like SyncMo to simulate the old behaviour from previous versions (1.1.6 and below), please go to Advanced Settings and choose “Enable Legacy AI Tracking”. This will disable some of SyncMo’s new intelligence. 

If you are watching longer adult content and looking for a script-like experience, please set Cruise Control to Stop.

Are there any other new features?

Yes. Here are some of the changes you may notice:

New Override Shortcuts 🎉

You can now quickly take temporary control of your adult toys using keyboard shortcuts. This allows you to delay your orgasm, give yourself a break, or push yourself over the edge quickly regardless of the content you are watching.

NameWhat it doesWhat do I press?
Stop DeviceTemporarily stops your adult toy for 10 secondsAlt+1
Reduce DeviceTemporarily lowers your adult toy to a slow but stable pace for 10 secondsAlt+2
Boost DeviceTemporarily makes your toy very active for 10 secondsAlt+3
CancelCancels any existing overrides and immediately returns control to the AIAlt+4

You can extend all of these overrides by hitting the key combination multiple times. Simply hold the Alt key and tap the number you want as many times as necessary. So to stop your toy for 50 seconds, hold Alt and then tap the 1 key 5 times.

You can use these shortcuts anywhere within SyncMo, even when not watching content. When used while you are watching content, a display will appear, showing you which override is active and how many seconds remain until the AI takes back control.

Fleshlight Launch Support 🤖

Support for the Launch has landed in this version. It should work exactly the same as any other toy. Simply put the device into pairing mode, choose add device within SyncMo, and you should be up and running within a few seconds.

As always you can use the Launch at the same time as any of the other toys we support, whether they are all for you or shared with others.

Local Player Rebuild 🎬

The local player has been rebuilt behind the scenes in preparation for exciting new features like funscript support, and while these features have not been released yet, you may notice that the player looks and feels a little bit different in this release.

That’s it for our rundown of version 1.2.0. We are extremely excited about what is to come this year 😃👍

As always if you have any questions or queries, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

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