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In order for SyncMo to work, there are a number of background services that must be running and functional in order to support the browser in day-to-day use.

Below are the steps to resolve issues with any of SyncMo’s services not starting.

Solution: Check your anti-virus

The most common cause of these issues is badly configured or misbehaving anti-virus software. As SyncMo is quite new and unique, some anti-virus vendors may mislabel it. It is not common to see AI running on everyday computers, especially when combined with a web browser, and very active hardware interaction (with sex toy devices).

Please follow these steps:

  1. Disable your anti-virus software
  2. Restart SyncMo

    This resolves the issue most of the time.

    If that did not resolve the issue please continue to step 3 below, as your installation may be incomplete.
  3. Restart your computer
  4. Make sure that your anti-virus is still disabled
  5. Run the SyncMo installer again

These steps should 99% of the time resolve all issues.

The accuracy of these detections should improve over time, and we are working with anti-virus vendors to correct these detections as and when they are reported to us.

If these steps did resolve the issue for you, we kindly ask that you email us at [email protected], and let us know which anti-virus you use, so that we can report the issue and work with them on improving their heuristics.

Alternate Steps for Resolution

If you do not wish to disable your anti-virus fully, you can also add exceptions for the following files:

  • Suggested Windows File Exclusions
    • C:\Program Files\SyncMo\Application\chrome.exe
    • C:\Program Files\SyncMo\Application\Core Services\bin\SyncMo License Service.exe
    • C:\Program Files\SyncMo\Application\Core Services\bin\SyncMo License Service Task.exe
    • C:\Program Files\SyncMo\Application\Core Services\bin\SyncMo Video Service.exe
    • C:\Program Files\SyncMo\Application\Core Services\bin\SyncMo Video Service Task.exe
    • C:\Program Files\SyncMo\Application\Core Services\bin\SyncMo Bluetooth Service.exe
    • C:\Program Files\SyncMo\Application\Core Services\bin\SyncMo Bluetooth Service Task.exe

Solution: Reinstall the software

In some rare cases, this may mean that the SyncMo installation is incomplete or has been corrupted, or that a process has become stuck.

This can be due to other software on the computer, or simply disk or operating system corruption for whatever reason.

In these cases we suggest users perform the following steps:

Please follow these steps:

  1. Please restart your computer
  2. Now re-install SyncMo by running the installer again (as your installation may be incomplete)
  3. If you receive an error during the previous step, then we would recommend manually deleting the following folder:
    • On Windows: "C:\Program Files\SyncMo"
    • On Mac: "/Library/Application Support/SyncMo"

Further solutions

Please contact support if you are still experiencing any issues or have any further questions or queries. You can do this via email at [email protected], or using the live chat on the website.

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