How much does it cost to get a trial or purchase the full version of SyncMo?

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We offer SyncMo as a one-time purchase. We feel this is better for our customers than monthly subscriptions as you own it forever.

SyncMo For MacOS Version 1

The current plans available are:

$49 USD one-time purchase  available at

*If you want to try the full version first before your purchase then we offer a 7 day trial with full support

$5 USD for a 7 day available at

SyncMo for MacOS –  Magic Motion Edition

We also have teamed up with Magic Motion so if you already own any of Magic Motion products or you are thinking of purchasing one the we offer a Magic Motion Edition of SyncMo.

The current plans available are:

$29 USD one-time purchase

  • works with Magic Motion Toys only*

Free 7 day trial

  • works with Magic Motion Toys only*
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