How do I install the IVDB browser extension?

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The IVDB browser extension for the Handy allows users of the Handy to search for interactive scripts or subtitles for content, in case you do not wish to use SyncMo’s automated AI analysis.

Scripts can be more accurate to the content as they are manually created and tweaked by humans.

SyncMo does support Chrome extensions so the Handy IVDB browser extension is also supported 🎉, but first you must obtain the chrome extension CRX file (.crx).

Installation Steps

I am viewing this page from SyncMo

  1. Install the Handy IVDB extension now

I am viewing this page from a different browser

  1. First download the extension CRX file. There is a version available here, or you can search for it using your favourite search engine (Note: SyncMo does not currently support the Chrome Web Store, so you must download the extension’s CRX file).
  2. If you downloaded the above zip file, then please extract it.
  3. Now with SyncMo open, drag the CRX file onto the SyncMo browser window.
  4. The extension should now be installed

We hope that these instructions were easy to follow.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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