Does SyncMo work with Virtual reality?

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Yes, SyncMo’s AI and movement analysis has been designed to work with virtual reality content, however at the moment it will only work for content that you view within the SyncMo browser, or a local application running on your computer such as PCVR.

I am a Standalone Oculus user

For now, we recommend using casting to mirror your VR headset into SyncMo. From there it should be detected and analysed like any other video stream.

For more information on how to do this please see the links below:

We are currently working on direct support, and we expect to release more standalone VR support soon.

I am a PCVR or Virtual Desktop user

Yes, you can analyse PCVR or Virtual Desktop applications (including video players) and games by using the “Sync To Window” or “Sync To Screen” in the Local Video Player within SyncMo.

For more information on how to use this functionality please see the “Local Video Player” section of the Quick Start Guide.

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