Does SyncMo replace interactive scripts?

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Yes, but not in the way that you think. 

The Idea

The idea behind SyncMo is to totally automate masturbation. When looking at interactive toys we believed that the ideal control for them didn’t yet exist.

With SyncMo we aim to do what your hand would do, but better.

Are masturbation and real intercourse different?

How someone masturbates when using their hand is distinctly different to real intercourse. When we are in full control, we do not decide to stop our arousal awkwardly, we react with excitement to lots of different things. Our hands are a great model of what we want when enjoying ourselves, we immerse ourselves, but there is also some playfulness and creative interpretation based on our own excitement and what we see.

Can I use SyncMo instead of interactive scripts?

With SyncMo we strive to crack the biological intelligence and logic which underpin how we look at content when we are sexually aroused. This is distinctly different from scripted content, but ultimately will lead to a sexual mimicry engine which can match the precise movements and accuracy of human written scripts (but as well the imagination), just by using a different configuration of our system (simply giving it boundaries or preferences, like “I only want to be stimulated by penises”).

Over time we may give our users more specific controls to do this, but for now we are very happy with the balance.

We are happy that when you turn SyncMo on, you truly just need to sit back and enjoy.

Can I currently achieve a script-like experience?

If you would like a more script-like experience we would recommend setting “Cruise Control” to Stop, and “Action Sensitivity” to Low or Medium, based on the type of content you are watching. You will get used to which types of content suit which settings.

In the future we will allow personalisation based on which body parts you want each toy to respond to. Meaning you can set your nipple clamps to only respond to nipples, or your butt plug to only respond to kissing.

For now we want to keep SyncMo versatile, and to get as much feedback as possible, as the possibilities are endless and we would like the experience to stay extremely simple to use.

With SyncMo we truly want you to just launch the app and enjoy, so we will be very careful about which options we add. We always want SyncMo to be enjoyable out-of-the-box. 

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