Do you have access to my usage of SyncMo software?

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SyncMo has been developed with our customers privacy as our top priority.

As such, everything necessary for the operation of the software happens locally on the users computer. We are not involved in your day-to-day usage of SyncMo.

Specifically, we do not know when you use the software, or which websites you visit. We do not collect or upload any usage information at all. The software belongs to you for the duration of your license period, which is, forever.

This is also the reason that we have chosen to offer SyncMo as a single purchase, rather than a subscription, as we believe it is important for users to be in direct control of who is involved in their sexual activities, and not beholden to paying fees to some corporation in order to get off 🤷🙆‍♀️

The only exception to this is the license activation process.

If you require support for license key activation, we may be required to access diagnostic information related to the activation calls in question, but we will always ask for permission first. This information may include your IP address, hostname, and other metrics used to associate your license to the software.

For full details on our privacy policy visit here

And for full details on our terms of service visit here

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